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About the Game

What is Run Through Hollywood?

Run Through Hollywood is an 8-bit obstacle survival game, in which each player is running to get the highest score. Don’t hit too many construction cones and helicopters as your character will lose health and lives. Collect Property Power-Up Tokens to increase your score and give you a better chance at winning. The longer you survive, the more points you get. The Player in 1st place at the end of the contest wins!

How do I enter?

Simply sign up now. It’s free to enter, and free to play!

How do I win?

1st pace winner at the end of the contest gets a free trip for 2 to Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. We’ll also be drawing names at random for $100 cash prize just for signing up to play!

Game Rules

Collect stars for points and avoid obstacles.
Only one game can be played at a time.
No Cheating, because it may lead to data corruption, and you'll be disqualify instantly.
Have fun!
Read full contest terms & conditions rules here.

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Starts January 22nd

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