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Race the clock
Don't damage your car too much.
Top Speed for Top Points & Virtual Cash.
Purchase upgrade with your virtual cash.

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About the Game

What is Race to Win?

Race to Win is an 8-bit racing game, in which each player is racing against the clock to get the highest score. Don’t drive off the road or hit other cars, or your vehicle will decelerate and take damage. Use boosts to blaze through the lanes and multiply your score, reduce the number of cars on the road to eliminate traffic, or repair your car. The longer you drive, the more points you get. The player in 1st place at the expiration date (Feb 13) wins.

How do I enter?

Simply sign up now. It’s free to enter, and free to play!

How do I win?

Win by racing as long as you can and securing the highest score.

What do I win?

1st place winner at the end of the event gets an entire year of free rent at any participating Redstone Residential managed property. We’ll also be drawing three names at random for $100 cash prize just for signing up to play!

Game Rules

Race the clock
Don't damage your car too much.
Top speed for top Points & virtual Cash.
Purchase upgrade with your virtual cash.
The player with the best score wins free rent for a year!
Read full contest terms & conditions rules here.

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Starts Jan 30th - Game Over Feb 13th

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Time: 0.0 Timer: 0.0 Score: 0.0
Traffic Reduction: 0 Boost Repair Time Extender
Sorry, this example cannot be run because your browser does not support the <canvas> element 0 mph
Speed Boost $100
Car Repair $200
Time Extender $300
Traffic Reduction $400
Game Over